About Jamie Patterson

You’ve outgrown your current home and are looking to find your perfect new house. The home selling process is often a life-altering experience—filled with many anxiety-producing questions. And given you already have so much on your plate, managing the many moving parts of preparing and selling your home can make it feel overwhelming.

Without professional strategic guidance, you can easily find yourself filled with unnecessary stress…while also leaving a lot of your hard-earned money on the table.

I can help.

Here’s the truth.

While you go through this major life transition, some agents care more about getting the sale than they care about your beloved home and your needs. But this isn’t right, you deserve someone who fully empathizes with your unique situation and is passionate about marketing your home to the perfect buyer.

You deserve more—and I agree.

My personalized approach to Real Estate is different.

I take a holistic, 360-degree approach. This means understanding your exact needs—and only then, applying the right strategies to get you the highest price with the fewest days on the market.

As a Concord resident that’s highly passionate about our area and with a strong background in marketing (at companies like Facebook and Yahoo!), I have developed tailored strategies designed to find the perfect buyer willing to appreciate the full value of your home—that way, I get you the maximum price in the fewest day on the market.

Let’s get your home sold so you can transition to your dream home with ease.

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We’ll discuss your goals and how I help my clients. If we discover that we are a good fit, we can discuss our next steps from there.

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Jamie Patterson, Realtor®
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